Category: Illustration

The Story of the Delicious Monster

Delicious Monster, Monstera Deliciosa, philodendron, or whatever you have come to know these gorgeous big, green, leathery, glossy leaves. The Delicious monster was the very beginning of our Wallpaper journey. [agni_gallery type="1" column="1" img_url="5449,5452,5489"] When I think of delicious monsters, I go back to my childhood. I remember building forts under the leaves of the [...]
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How abide happened

I’m  Jen Mckenzie, owner of the brand Abide. I am also the designer, builder and manufacturer, homeware developer, illustrator & interior designer, and i absolutely love that i get to do what i love to do everyday ( cliche – but true ) Five things you should to know about me: 1. My full name is […]

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