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There are days that I still can’t believe that I actually get to call this kitchen mine.

Right from the initial sketches and planning of the space, the first thing we focussed on was how we wanted to use the space. How we would work in the space, where we would need things to be and how far were we prepared to walk to get to the fridge. In the past 5 months since completing the reno, I have not once wished that something was somewhere else – so my no.1 suggestion to you, if you are renovating or planning your dream kitchen space, is to pay careful attention to how you want to use the space, how you cook, prep and function in the space. Don’t overlook this step in planning, seriously consider the functionality of the space before you go and add the aesthetic qualities to the room.

While I like to pay special attention to the function of any space, the aesthetic is just as important. I wanted to create a space that complemented the rest of the open plan living area – creating a light and bright, open plan space. Below is a list of all the finishes used throughout our space, as seen in the imagery above:


Paint Colour Dulux 30YY 72/014 Luxurious Silk
Wall Tiles Italtile Flat White Gloss subway tile 150 x 75mm R4.50 ea
Countertops Pro Quartz Cobble 3200 x 1200mm slab size R1800.00 /lm installed
Cabinetry Custom White Duco Finish ( to all standard cabinetry )
Cabinetry Custom Custom Duco Finish ( to large pantry cupboard )
Plascon, Tribecca Corner (48)
Flooring Belgotex Charleston, col. Kingwood 1219.2mm x 182.88mm x 2mm  ± R250.00 /sqm installed


When starting out with creating a look and feel for any space I like to create a white box, so all elements get issued a standard white finish. From there you can recognize areas or items that need a color or texture to help create an interesting feature in the space or give the room some character. So as a starting point in this space we painted out the walls in the same colour as the rest of the open plan area, Dulux – 30YY 72/014, from there we added in all white cabinetry with a shaker door detail ( the slight rectangular recess  in the panel of the door ) and a smaller white subway tile to the full wall behind the oven and the washup areas. At this point, we could see that there needed to be a little bit of ‘dark’ that is consistently incorporated throughout my home, and that’s when the pantry cupboard had its white duco finish swopped out for the darker, Tribecca Corner finish.

HOT TIP: Don’t be afraid of going dark with a paint color, most people believe it will make a room seem smaller and darker, but adding a darker color can add just the right amount of drama, as well as make the room seem taller and bigger rather than the opposite.


The floors throughout the open plan living area were replaced with a lovely, earthy colored Belgotex Vinyl – Charleston, Kingwood. The tone in the vinyl helps to eliminate any feeling there could be, of the space being too clinical and white. A huge shout out goes to Belogtex Flooring for the floors, I was lucky enough to win the floors through a magazine competition and it was a huge help in assuring the reno came in under budget.

Our Renovation took 1 month from start to finish, it was utter chaos at times but it was all totally worth it when I got to cook my first meal in the oven and not in a microwave. All of our Contractors were absolutely incredible, so here they are – definitely get hold of these guys if you are planning on renovating.


Musgrave Building Demolition, building, plumbing, electrical, painting + tiling Neil  072 807 5671
Cut Right Kitchens Kitchen Cabinetry Denis  082 551 3991
The Granite Factory Pro Quartz Countertops Daniel  076 361 4990
Dave Moon Flooring Flooring Dave  082 672 4250


Would love to know what you think of the completed space.






2 thoughts on “Kitchen Renovation

  1. Absolutely insanely beautiful jen. Has such amazing character and is very YOU.

  2. Absolutely insanely beautiful jen. Has such amazing character and is very YOU.

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