House M + A

Teenage Bedroom Makeover

Our brief was to create a fun, fresh and sophisticated bedroom for a teenage girls birthday, who wanted a turquoise, grey and gold bedroom. We decided to add in little pops of coral to take the space from being very serene to having a little bit more fun and energy.

Inner Harmony


The brief for this wellness and skincare brand was to create a feminine, floral design + logo. We decided on the combination of the structured font against floral garlands and the hand lettered font against a crisp white background to create a simple and feminine look and feel.

Apartment M + M

Guest Toilet Renovation

A leaking toilet provided the perfect opportunity to renovate this bathroom, and that is exactly what happened here. We overhauled this 8sqm space by adding unique floor tiles & a feature colour to create a look in keeping with the adjacent living space.